Monday, 31 December 2012

Booking of CNY Nails Appointments

It's a brand New Year with a brand new start!

Precious Nail Services will be close from 9 Feb to 12 Feb.

VIPs/Regulars - you know who you are and need not read on the rest of this post, just buzz me on my phone for CNY bookings!!

New/"Blue Moon" Customers -

Dates available -
 25 to 31 Jan from 11am to 7.30pm
5 to 7 Feb from 11am to 3pm

Services available -

Gelish manicure (include soak-off) @$50
Gel extension manicure with top gel @$80
Classic pedicure @$22
Express pedicure @$11

During this period, hands/feet massages will be omitted.

Above rates excludes nail arts.
Appointments for solely pedicure is not accepted due to time constrain.

How to book an appointment -
Whatsapp or SMS me at 8338 3481 stating CLEARLY:

*Date & time
*What services required eg.  Gelish mani & Classic pedi
*Nailarts preferred eg. "Want lots and lots of blings" "Simple french" "A few on some nails" etc..

I will respond within the same day to confirm.

To secure the slot, $30 deposit is required to be transferred to POSB savings 084-77500-2 within 3 days from the date of booking.

Deposit is non-refundable for no-show or cancellation.  Changing of date and time is not advisable.

Kindly refrain from cute waste time messages like:  "When are you free?"  "What are the slots available?"  "Can I book an appointment with you?"

Look forward to create more fabulous nails ^^

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

More Christmas nails

I LOVE my jobs!

BLOGGING -  Really enjoy showing off sharing by blogging.  Most bloggers event were so fun!  They made me feel special like a mini celebrity heehee....  I did bump into a nasty one, whom I shall just ignore in future.  The word "bored" is never never in my life with blogging!

NAILS - "Aeroplane Flyers"  (a name I give to those jerks who stood me up) will never extinct.  I never let these people spoil my mood, I simply put them in my black list.  Other than these people, my queens and princesses under my "wing" are really angels <3  <3  Doing nails is never a boring with my angel customers.  They "feed" me with the latest news around, gossip and crack the silliest jokes, filling my little nail salon with laughter.  How not to love a job like this.......

I am inhaling Xmas air doing lots of chio Xmas Nails, here's another batch -

Gelish french with Santa hat

Silvery gelish with 3D Santa

Gelish with snowy tips

Handpainted snowflakes in black gelish

Love my work?
SMS or whatsapp me at 8338 3481.
Slots are limited before Xmas, but I'll try my best to accommodate ^^

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Nails

I miss snow, Christmas is never "complete" without snow.  Singapore will never snow, so let's have some snow flakes on nails to console ourselves ~~

I am currently busy with Xmas nails with my head full of jingle bells.  I have no mood and no time to talk about CNY nails now.

For those who are new to Precious Nail Services, priority and slots nearer to CNY are given to regulars.  We don't practise first come first serve policy here.

Will update details at this space and Facebook when 2013 arrives ^.^

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Magneto Gelish "Don't Be So Particular"

A color swatch for Magneto Gelish.
"Don't Be So Particular" is the name of the color, heehee.....

Magneto Gelish include soak off @S$58.